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Task Review

There are 2 different ways to edit a task.

Method 1

  1. Click Tasks > Edit icon
  2. Tasks|Edit Page, Modify the details as required. (Refer to the table below)
  3. Click Finish

Method 2

  1. Click Tasks > Customer Name
  2. Tasks | View Page, click Task Details > Edit icon
  3. Tasks | Edit Page, Modify the details as required. (Refer to the table below)
  4. Click Finish


Field Name Required Description
Task Assigned ToA task can be assigned to any user in the system based on the user access
Task Name Subject of the task can be either selected from default tasks drop down or written in the text field
Start Date Start date of the task
Due Date The date by which task must be completed
Duration in days Duration in days between the Start Date and Due Date
Percentage of Completion The percentage up to which the task is completed
Status Status of the task
Priority Priority of the task
Module Module to which the task belongs to
Task Type Select whether the task is open or close
Send Notification Email An email notification is sent to the assigned user regarding the task details
Description Additional comments related to the task or the customer

NOTE: It is important to fill the required (✔) fields. You may not be able to proceed if ignored.

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