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Saving Projection/Suggested System Size

This is the optional process where you can estimate the system size needed for the customer by entering the electrical usage and traffic in KW/hr per day. Suggested system size and required roof area will be displayed.

Once Electricity usage is entered and click the calculate button, saving calculator will show up and you can fill in the details to calculate the amount of saving.

Details of the information need to be filled in order to calculate the amount of saving are as shown below -

Field Name Description
Suggested system size Suggested system size for user (it will be calculated automatically)
Efficiency Efficiency which has been calculated by efficiency estimation
Sunshine hours Hours of sun shine period
Weighted Tariff Can be calculated in detail by checking calculate check box
Feed in Tariff Amount of extra solar power energy per cents
Export Percent Percentage of exporting solar energy
Inflation Increase in price with percentage

NOTE: If calculate check box is checked to calculate weighted tariff, the following details need to be filled.

  • Peak Usage
  • Off Peak Usage
  • Shoulder Usage
  • Custom Information (if there is any)

Once the information is filled, click submit button graph of saving for 25 years will display.

Click on recalculate button to recalculate or continue to get suggested system size and required roof area.

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