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A brief summary on Products,Discounts and extras and follow_up details can be view here.

Product Price

  1. Once the product is selected, the selected product details will be displayed and total product pricing along with the Extras costs (if added) will be displayed
  2. You can always update the pricing by adding or removing any Extra cost
  3. Discount can be applied. Applying discount is based on Max. discount value set for every user.
  4. Select whether there is 10 days cooling off period applies.
  5. Enter the follow up date
  6. Enter the comments for the quote
  7. Press submit to finish quote

Add Extra

  • Adding an extra apart from the available extras, can be added by clicking Add Extra
  • Once added, it can also be deleted if you don't require anymore.

Personal Message

  • This is the function to add the personal message in quote email.
  • The message you have entered will display in quote email.

  • To display the personal message in quote email, you have to customize your quote by following the steps shown here.
  • Once you reach Quote Email Customization page, add Personal Email Message field in quote template as shown below.

  • The message you have entered will display in quote email as shown below.

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