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Report Schedule

User can create and schedule report(s) for each module in this page.

Create new report

User can create a new report by clicking on the New report button as shown below.

Once the button is clicked, user will get to a page to create and schedule new report. User must follow the following 3 steps to complete the creation of new report.

Step 1 : Module Selection

In step 1, user must select a module from which user wants to create report. After selecting module, fill in Report Title text box to give the name of the report. Report can be sent to email after executing the report (which is in step 3) by selecting Yes at Send by email option. Once user select Yes fill in the email address at the Enter Email box. Multiple email addresses can be entered separated by commas.Report can be sent in PDF or CSV file format. The same rules apply to automated reporting, except user can schedule the time of the report to be sent which is Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly. (Note: Email for automated reporting will be sent depending on the selection of the schedule options). After filling the require information, click Next to move on to step 2.

Step 2 : Fields Selection

In step 2 user must select fields to include in report. User can also rename the fields by entering in the text box corresponding to each field. User can select all the fields by clicking Select all box. Click next after step 2 is done.

For reports modules such as Orders, Stocks, Invoice, Installation and Products. Some of the fields can get a summary by checking sum check box shown below and the result can be seen at step 3.

Most Report modules (including Orders, Stocks, Invoice, Installation and Products) include fields which calculate an addition total; optionally displayed by checking sum box as shown below.

Step 3 : Filters

In step 3 user can create a filter for the report. Once you enter or selected the filter, you can preview the result by clicking on “Execute Report button (Note: If you have selected Send By Email option, an email will be sent to that particular email once execute report button is clicked). Click on Save Report button to save the report and you will be redirected to the report listing page.

The result of the report by entering the filter “John” in first name is shown below.

After clicking Execute Report button, user can print out the report or save it as PDF or CSV file by clicking on the icons shown below.

PDF format of the report is shown below.

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