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Corporate Setup

Setup Corporate Setting up of your corporate/national login is quick and easy with the following steps.

1. Login

To start with, log in to your Corporate account with your username and password. Corporate accounts are generally setup by the Solar eCRM team. Therefore you will find the log in details sent to your email ID.

More info: Log in

2. Setup your Corporate details

Once you are logged into the system, you can now setup your corporate or national company details which can be used by the franchises. Corporate company can give access to its franchises to have their own products and/or settings.

When the Franchises are given access to have their own settings and/or products, we call them as Autonomous Franchises.

More info: Autonomous Franchises

a. Manage Company Details

The corporate can manage the company details which will be used by the franchises. Customer will be looking at these details as your company credentials.

You need to complete all the details listed under the company details tab as well as Bank details tab.

More info: Company Details setup | Bank Details setup

b. Manage Statuses

The corporate can manage the statuses and lead sources under various modules to match your workflow.

You choose to setup statuses for different modules like Leads, Quotes, Orders, Installs & Invoices along with Lead sources

More info: Manage Statuses & Sources

c. Manage Sales stages

The Corporate can manage the sales stages which are a list of milestones or tasks that are required by the franchises to follow while handling any order or project.

You can choose to create as many sales stages as required by your work flow.

More info: Sales Stages Setup

3. Create Sales Office

The Corporate can create and manage required number of franchises/sales offices according to their needs. When they create, they will have 2 options to give the franchise.

  • Choose to manage their own settings
  • Choose to manage their own products & extras

By default, the Franchises are NOT given control on settings and products. The corporate/Sales office holds the control of the following aspects in the settings

  • Company details
  • Status management
  • Template Customisation
  • Products & Product EXTRAS
  • Stock user setup

When the Corporate authorize the franchise to use their own settings and/or products, Franchises are called as Autonomous Franchises

More info: Autonomous Franchises

4. Manage Products & Product EXTRAS

Corporate can manage products which can be used by the franchises. Setting up of product list is simple. Managing products is much easier where you can activate and deactivate products based on your campaigns.

Product EXTRAS are the additional items/charges which gets included in the quote based on the customer site specifications. The Corporate can create/customize these charges based on their workflow requirements.

More info: Products Setup | Product Extras Setup

5. Setup Sales Office

Once the corporate creates a franchise account (limiting settings and/or products), the franchise can log in and start setting up their following,

  • Create & manage Users
  • Customize templates
  • Setup Leads Qualification checklist
  • Setup Document categories

a. Create & Manage Users

The Franchise can create any number of users as required. All types of users are available to be created except for stock user which is managed by the Corporate.

More info: User Add/Edit | User types | User access rights

b. Manage/Customize templates

The Franchise can manage various templates and ensure corporate branding is maintained. The templates which are available for customization are Quote email template, Quote contract template and Invoice template.

More info: Customize Email Template | Customize Quote Contract Template | Customize Invoice Template

c. Setup Leads Qualification Checklist

The Franchise can manage their own list of qualification criteria which can be used as a part of filtering/categorize leads based on their quality.

You can choose to create as many items as required by your criteria list. You can also choose to create different data types.

More info: Leads Checklist Setup

d. Setup Document Category

The Franchise can manage their own list of documents upload category (folder) where they can upload and manage their documents.

You can choose to create as many categories as required. You can restrict the category to be displayed in any modules.

More info: Documents management

Setup Sales Office (Autonomous)

Franchises are considered as autonomous when they are given rights to have their own settings and/or products. These types of Franchises are considered to act similar to that of an individual company user type. The only difference between the company and a Autonomous franchise is that Autonomous Franchises are still under the control of the Corporate / national company.

More info: Quick Autonomous Franchise Setup

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