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Corporate Company


Quick Setup

This is a brief explanation of how to setup a company for new user. The following is the list of steps user needs to perform to set up.

Log in

The first thing a user must do to log into the system is enter user name and password. Learn More


After logging in, go to settings by clicking on “Settings”, which can be seen at the top right hand corner of the page.The settings page is where you initially setup and subsequently manage the information which will be used by different modules of the system. Follow the steps explained below to setup your company for the Solar eCRM system.

Company Setup

In setting page, click “Company settings” to set up company details. When you get into company setting page, click on options or edit button to edit company details. Enter company details and click finish to save the details.Learn More

Manage Status

You can manage the status of each module in company setting page. Click “Manage Status” button to manage status.Learn More

Customize PDF and Email Templates

This is the place where user can customize PDF and Email templates used in quote and invoice modules.Click on “Template Settings” to edit templates.Learn More

Products setting

After setting up a company, adding products need to be done. In products setting, new products can be added/edited Learn More

Extra charges can also be added at product setting Learn More

User setting

Next step is to set up user. Click on user tab for user settings. Different types of user can be added to the system Learn More

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