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Analytic & Projections

  1. The most important tool for order management is the order analytic. It gives you enough analysis details to see how your business is grooming.
  2. Making $$$ is the most critical thing in a business and you need a tool to check if that is happening.
  3. It can help you keep your business on track everyday.

Orders Analytics

Click Order > Order Tools > Sales Stat

Capturing the Key Fields

  1. Capturing costs allows the system to calculate margins and profits at order level here.
  2. For instance, if you want to know how much your profit would be for this order, you must break-down the costs into various sub costs to arrive at profit from this job.
  3. Say you have different variable costs such as installation cost, sales commission and finance /credit costs. All these costs can be entered as variable costs when an order is created.
  4. From here on system will show the margin on a per KW basis.
  1. The available stat results can be printed by clicking Order Overview > Salesstat Tools > Print.
  2. The available stat results can be exported as an xls file by clicking Order Overview > Salesstat Tools > Export..

Orders Projections

Click Order > Order Tools > Order Chart

Generate Charts

  • Generate three different types of charts listed below by various search criteria like,
    1. Order Status
    2. States
    3. Representative
    4. Agency

Month by Month Sales Report

Chart showing last one year sales, group by month.

Month by Month Orders amount Per KW

Chart showing last one year sales, order amount per KW by month.

Chart showing last 6 months installed order amount per KW by State .

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