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Order Review

Order can be reviewed by clicking on the customer name on order page. Once the customer name is clicked, page will be redirected to order view page to view all the details of the order.

It allows you to view all the information related to the order like order details, customer details, product details and payment details. It also allows you to manage sales stages which includes pre-install and post-install checklists, stocks, costs, payment details and assigning installer.

Most importantly, ”Add Notes” acts as perfect communication tool of an order. Any users (Sales-rep, admin, installer) who is related to the order post notes and this notes can be viewed by others users (Sales-rep, admin, installer).

Order > Customer Name

You can go to next order by clicking on the arrow shown below.

Sales Stages

Different stages of checklist for the sales to be completed. Each field will have YES/NO check button and date field. You can create Sales Stages here.

Shipping Details

This is a function to request stock to a warehouse user. Once details are filled and click update, stock request email will be sent automatically to all stock users.

Admin can enter the following details.

Stock Ordered

  1. Choose whether stock has been ordered
  2. Enter date of stock ordered

Payment made for Stock Order

  1. Choose whether payment for stock order has been made
  2. Enter date of payment made

NOTE: Please note that this function is not related to inventory management system.

Cost Breakdown

This calculates the breakdown of costs into installation cost and other different costs. The information entered while creating a new order will be displayed here. You can always edit the costs when you edit the order details.

Payment Details

Track the details of the payment. In payment details, type of payment, total amount, amount paid and balance due will be displayed. If there is a new payment, user can add one by clicking on ”New Payment” button.

Once new payment is entered, it will be displayed and information in payment details will be changed. User can delete the payment in case you have entered wrong details.

New Payment

Function to add new payment made for the order.

Field Name Required Description
Amount The amount of the payment
Description Description for payment
Payment Mode Mode of the payment to be selected from drop down list
Payment Date Date of payment to be selected

Assign Installer

Function to assign installer to order. Installer can be assigned to order by clicking on “Assign Installer” button. Once the button is clicked, a block will pop-up and you can select an installer from the drop-down list and click ”Assign” to assign the installer.

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