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Manage Status

You can customize the status of Leads, Quotes, Orders, Installation and Invoice in status management. To manage status, - Click Settings > Manage Module Status and the following page will display.

Select Module

  • Select module from the list to display status.

Select Pick list

  • Select status to display status.

Drag and Drop

  • Drag and drop the boxes to change the order.

Add Status

New status can be added by clicking on “Add item” button. You will see the pop up as shown below: enter the status , select color for status you have entered and click save to store the status you have entered.

Rename Status

You can rename the status by clicking “Rename Item” button.Select the data you want to edit from “Edit picklist values” and enter the new entries and select color for status (optional). Click update to update the value.

Note: the values that have been used in the system data are not editable.

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