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To manage leads it is important to have a good search function in place. The Leads search box provides a variety of option to search leads based on different “Search Criteria”. This helps to quickly retrieve leads based on the search criteria.

Leads > Default/Simple Search > Enter Search data > Click Search


Leads > Click Advanced > Enter Search data > Click Search

You can enter any one “Search Criteria” or a combination of different “Search Criteria” to filter Lead data

Search Criteria Description
First Name Search leads by customer's first name
Last Name Search leads by customer's last name
City Search leads by customer's city
Postcode Search leads by customer's postcode
Phone Search leads by customer's phone number
Leads Status Search leads by status
Lead No Search leads by lead number
Lead Source Search leads by lead source
Appointment Search leads by appointments
Assigned To Search leads by sales rep to whom the leads are assigned
Created by Search leads by user who created
identifier1/identifier2/identifier3 Search leads by identifiers
Type Search leads by customer's business type
Date From From date for “Date search on” criteria
Date To To date for “Date search on” criteria
Date Search On Search based on appointment types
Priority Search leads by lead priority
Duplicate Records Search duplicate leads

- Tabulated results based on the search criteria

  1. Assign multiple leads from the search page to the sales rep
  2. Page navigation

Leads can be deleted if there is no record related to the customer in quotes and order.

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