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Lead View

Leads view page helps you to view various details of the lead already created such as customer details, site details, appointment details and lead details.

In the leads view page, you can create a quote or an order directly from a lead. You can also edit/update the leads.

Changing the appointment date/time and status can be done by clicking the button shown below.

User can view sunshine hour for particular lead by clicking on sunshine tab.

User can update lead checklist by selecting the options and entering the information in lead checklist tab. Click “Update” to update the information.

You can go to next lead by clicking on the arrow shown below.

Go to "Lead | View" page

- Click Leads > Customer Name

To edit the lead

Method 1: Tab/Section Edit

  1. In Leads | View page, click Edit icon on each Tab/Section (Refer:Edit Leads)

Method 2: Full Edit

  1. In Leads | View page, click Options > Edit Lead (Refer:Edit Leads)

To convert lead to quote

- In Leads | View page, click Leads > Customer Name > Create Quote

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