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Lead Import & Export

Advanced options are provided in the Lead Tools tab. All data in the leads module can be imported and exported into different formats anytime. Leads can be imported with the help of csv format. Data can be exported into excel and pdf format through the export option. It makes easier for you to deal with large amount of data.

Importing Leads

Instead of adding lead individually, lead can be imported from excel CSV file as bulk batch upload. You can download the sample csv file and save your leads in similar format of fields. Once you are ready to upload choose the file and upload it directly. The imported leads will be displayed in lead table.

Download sample format

Leads > Import Leads > Download sample file


Leads > Import Leads > Choose file > Submit

  1. Click the sample file icon to download the sample file
  2. Choose a excel file to batch upload the leads
  3. Click Submit to upload the file

Steps to create your Leads Import file

  • Download & open the Sample CSV file in MS Office Excel (Preferred).
  • Under the heading columns add your lead details appropriately.
  • Kindly ensure you have all the Mandatory fields Title, First Name, Last Name, Home Phone, Street No, Street Name, Suburb or City, State & Post Code NOT empty.
  • Save the file as CSV (Comma Separated Values) format [DO NOT Save it as other spreadsheet formats]
  • Select and Upload your saved CSV file.
  • You should see the following message - Success | Successfully Imported # records.

If you encounter any issues in importing with following message - Error in Importing. Please check the csv file for the no. of columns and their headings, try the following

  • Check if you have all the titles/heading in the first row. There should be 19 column titles ”Title, First Name, Last Name, Home Phone, Mobile, Email, Street No, Street Name, Suburb or City, State, Post Code, Lead Source, Lead Status, Comments, Identifier1, Identifier2, Identifier3, Appointment Date, Appointment Time
  • Check if you have filled all the cells under every mandatory columns - ”Title, First Name, Last Name, Home Phone, Street No, Street Name, Suburb or City, State & Post Code”.
  • Please ensure you don't have any commas (,) or colons (') in any of the cells.

NOTE: The leads data when imported from your csv file should be of correct format. The lead with missing mandatory fields will not be imported. Mandatory fields are Title, First Name, Last Name, Home Phone, Street No, Street Name , Suburb or City, State & Post Code

Exporting Leads

Leads can be exported into 2 formats. You can export the data in a printable format by clicking on the print icon and as an excel file by clicking on the spreadsheet icon. It will export leads data which are displayed in the lead table into selected format.

Print format

Leads > Lead Tools > Print

Excel format

Leads > Lead Tools > Export

Note: If a search has been made, exporting data will be the search results.

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