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Leads Assignments

Lead assignment is the process of assigning sales rep or sales agency to lead. Assigning leads to sales agency is only available for lead users, lead agency and company user. Once you assigned to sales agency, assigned leads will be available in assigned agency log in to assign to sales rep. This can be done in two ways.

Assign Lead

Sales Rep can be assigned while creating a new lead through the Appointment Details tab. The available sales reps of the user's company are displayed in the select box and user can select sales rep to whom to assign the lead.

Leads > New Lead > Appointment Details > Select to Assign

Leads Multiple Assign

The admin and the company user have the option to assign multiple leads to a particular sales rep through the Leads|Overview page.


Leads > Select multiple Leads > Select Sales Rep (Below overview page) > Click Assign

Select the Leads

You will find the checkbox option for all the new Leads or non-assigned leads. Select the leads which you want to assign.

Select sales rep or sales agency

This drop down will list the available sales rep and sales agency (if you have access to assign) to whom you can assign multiple leads.

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