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Solar eCRM and Xero Integration

1. Click on the “Connect to Xero” button to establish connection to your Xero account and you will be taken through the setup process

2. Enter your Xero credentials.

3. Xero will ask you to authorize the connection – if you have multiple accounts you can choose the one applicable from the dropdown list.

4. After logging in and authorizing the connection, you see that Solar eCRM and Xero have been successfully connected and the following message appears Success | You are now connected with Xero.

Manage Invoices

  • Now that you are done with integration, you can export the invoices from Solar eCRM to Xero.
  • Select the invoices to be exported to Xero and click on Upload to Xero button.
  • You should see the following message - Success | Invoice successfully uploaded to Xero.

If you encounter any issues in importing with following message - Error | Uploading unsuccessful please try again. Please, try the following:

  • Check if you have filled “Due Date” text field which is mandatory to export an invoice to Xero

The user should see the uploaded invoices on Dashboard of Xero, under Draft invoices. Once, the invoice is approved it can be seen under Sales invoices.

eCRM Invoices in Xero

The user should see the uploaded invoices on Dashboard of Xero, under Draft invoices.

Once you have uploaded an invoice to Xero, it cannot be uploaded again. However, if the user wants to upload the invoice (edited) again, the previously uploaded invoice has to be deleted from Xero.

Note: An invoice can be only deleted from Xero, if it is still not been approved. Once, an invoice has been approved all the amendments need to be tracked from Xero henceforth.

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