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Solar eCRM Setup

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Corporate Company


Installation View

Installation can be view in details by clicking on the customer name from installation page.

- Click Installations > Customer name

User can Add/Edit Installation details by clicking “Add/Edit Details” button at Installation Details tab.If send email check box is checked, an email will be sent to every admin of a company.

User can add and delete order notes to the installation.

User can also print job pack by clicking on options and choose “Print Job Pack” option.

For Australia version, the following options are available for users,

  1. Print Green Bank Form (Refer:Green Bank Form)
  2. Print Trade In Green Form (Refer:Trade In Green Form)
  3. Print EWR Form (Refer:EWR Form)
  4. Print Connection Form (Refer:Connection Form)
  5. Lodge STC Claim (Refer:Edit Invoice)

You can go to next installation by clicking on the arrow shown below.

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