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Table of Contents

STC Claim

Lodging STC Claim can be done in installation view page. Click on “Lodge STC Claim” button shown below to lodge STC claim.

 Installations -> Customer name - > Lodge STC Claim  

Once the button is clicked, it will display the page shown below. User must select STC broker that they want to send the claim. After selecting the broker and filling in all the required information, click 'Next' button to go to next step where user must upload the STC assignment form (Note: File must be in pdf format and must not exceed file size of 1MB). After filling in all the mandatory fields, click on “Finish” to send the claim.

STC Claim Listing

Once STC claim is lodge, it will take you to stc invoice listing page as shown below. User can go to the page by clicking “STC Claims” button at installation listing page. User can search the information with the given search criteria which are listed as below.

Search Criteria Description
First Name Search by first name of the customer
Last Name Search by last name of the customer
Suburb Search by suburb of the customer
Amount Search by amount received
Pay Status Search by status of the payment
Claim Sent Date From Search by claim sent date from
Claim Sent Date To Search by claim sent date to
Payment Received Date From Search by payment received date from
Payment Received Date To Search by payment received date to


User can edit the details by clicking on edit button shown below. Multiple payment status can be changed to “Received” by checking the boxes in action field and clicking on “Payment Received” button.

Once details are changed, click on save button to save the changes.

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