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Getting started

Solar eCRM Setup

Leads Module

Quote Builder

Orders Module

Shipping Module

Invoice Module

Installation Module

Task Module

Document Management Module

Corporate Company



Every extra option you add, will add extra cost to the quote. These costs can be customized in the products module.

Quotes > Edit > Product Selection

Payment Plan

  • By default Cash option is selected. You can also select Finance OR Rental


  • Select TIN or TILE


  • Select SINGLE or DOUBLE


  • If it is TIN roof, angle can be selected pitched for flat
  • If it is TILE roof, pitched is the only option to be selected

Need Main Switch?

  • Select YES or NO

Cathedral Ceiling?

  • Select YES or NO

Split Systems?

  • Select YES or NO

Timer Switch?

  • Select YES or NO

Remote Installation : outside of 50kms

  • Select YES or NO
  • If select yes, the distance from city (in kilometers) need to be entered

Have you claimed Solar Rebates before?

  • Select YES or NO, based on you claim of Solar Rebates.

Have you got panels before?

  • Select YES or NO

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