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EWR Form

EWR form can be generated by clicking on “Print EWR form” from installation view page. Once the button is clicked, EWR form page will show and the following details can be filled to generate with EWR form.

Installation -> Customer Name -> Print EWR Form 

Work Site Address

Field name Description
Customer Enter customer full name
Street Number & Name Enter customer's street number and name
Suburb/Locality Enter customer's suburb or locality
Postcode Enter customer's postcode
Lot Number Enter lot number
MELWAYS/VIC RDS REF: Enter melways reference number
Installation Select type of building which is installing
Additional Select additional details


Field name Description
Are private mains on public land? Select yes or no
Is EWP Reqd Select yes or no
Is Traffic Control Reqd? Select yes or no
Type of work Select type of work
Description of work Enter the description of work
Supply connected Select yes or no
Access Select access

Supply Required

Field name Description
Overhead Enter length of overhead cable in meters
Underground Select the options
URD Select the option if needed
Substation Select the options
New mains: No. Phases select number of phases and enter the size
NEW MAX DEMAND: Total for Installation Enter new max demand total for installation
IF DUAL/MULTI OCC INSTALLATION: Enter amount if there is any

Metering Required

Field name Description
EXISTING METER NUMBER/s Enter existing meter number
RETAILER Enter retailer
Solar KAV Rating Enter solar kav rating
Select options Domestic, Commercial / Industrial, Grid Connection / Solar: Gross, Net


Field name Description
Basic metering and Interval Metering Select one
Single rate (for total consumption) Select number of phases
Two Rate (peak / off peak) Select number of phases
Switching Service / 2A Sync Select if needed
Hot Water If selected, enter number of liters
Floor Heat(No Boost available) If selected, enter kilowatts rating per phase
Climate Saver (Powercor only) Select options
Current transformer metering Enter max demands in Amps and KW
Ct's been installed? Select yes or no

Truck Appointment

Field name Description
Do you require a truck appointment Select yes or no
If truck appointment is required, preferred time/date Enter date and time for truck appointment
Acceptance of charges for the truck appt: Select options


Field name Description
Do you require the Dist. Company to provide this service? Select yes or no
The CES will be Select provide to retailer or provide at appointment
CES Number Enter CES number
Licensed Electrical inspector Enter licensed electrical inspector


Field name Description
Date to connect Enter date to connect
Registered electrical contractor Enter registered electrical contractor
Registered Address Enter registered address
REC Number Enter rec number
Phone Number Enter phone number
FAX Number Enter fax number
Mobile Number Enter mobile number
Responsible Person Enter the name of responsible person
Date Enter date

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