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Close deals faster with E-Sign. Take advantage of the new feature eCRM has to offer and helps sales users close business completely in the cloud. You can configure and send quotes to any device, and your customers can sign documents from any browser, including mobile devices, within minutes.

E-Sign Configuration

To configure the Quote Email template for E-Sign feature follow the below steps: To edit custom templates - Click Settings > Template

Choose Quote Email Template

Edit the template by clicking on Preview button from the respective row of template.

Quote Email Customization

Click on Options > Edit Details to edit the content.


  • In this page, click the cursor on the template where you want to position the signature button.
  • Now, select Quote under Step 1 and select E-Sign under Step 2
  • Once you see the variable placed the customization is done, click on submit button to save the changes.

Quote Contract PDF Customization

Quote contract pdf is a contract document which will be sent along with the quote email. Once you click on Preview button of Quote contract pdf, it will take you to preview page of current contract document template of quote as shown below. Click on Options > Edit Details to edit the content.


  • Once you click on Edit Details , you will get to the contract pdf customization page.
  • In this page, click on Load Default Template, to see the action variables for e-sign in the section shown below.

NOTE: This will undo all the pervious changes made in the template. However, the user can repeat the necessary customisation before moving ahead.

  • Click on submit button to save the changes.

E-Sign by customer

Once, the customer receives the quote in the mail box, he needs to open the quote and click on the button shown below:

The customer is then directed to Quote Contract page.

After signing the Quote contract in the pop up box shown below, the customer can either click on Confirm Details to save the signature or click on Reset button to undo the signature.

Once, the customer clicks on Confirm Details, he will be directed to the Thank You page. In this page, the customer can have his own copy of Signed Quote Contract in PDF format..Furthermore, a copy is also emailed to the sales rep, admin, company user and the customer to their mail box.

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