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Document Upload

Document upload is a function that allows user to upload one or more documents to a record created in Leads, Quotes, Orders, Invoices modules. The function can be found in view pages of each modules. Follow the steps listed below to upload a document to a record.

Step 1 - Go to the view page of a module, For example Leads view page. You will see “options” button as shown below and click on “Documents”.

Step 2 - Click on Update Document as shown below.

Step 3 - Fill in the information and select the file to upload by clicking Choose File. Multiple upload can be done by clicking Add More Files. Click Submit after entering the required information.

View / Download / Delete

Viewing , downloading and deleting can be done in document listing page. You can reach to listing page by following the step 1 explained above or if you have already uploaded document to that particular lead, there will be a number of document uploaded to the lead. Clicking on the icon shown below will take you to document listing page.

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