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Corporate Company


Company Settings

The first step after you sign-up would be the initial setup of your company details in your system.

To setup your company details please follow the steps shown below.

Step 1 - Click on Settings as shown below.

Step 2 - Click General Settings > Company Settings

Step 3 - Click Options > Edit Details or Click on Edit Icon shown below.

Company Details

To change company logo, click Change Logo link at Company Logo Field. Your Company Logo added to your quote email and contract pdf document.

Note: Accepts only the following image formats .jpg, .png, .gif

Company information

Company information includes name of your company/organization as known by your customer, contact details such as phone number, fax number (Optional), website address (Optional), Business Number or ABN (Australian Business Number for Australia Only) is required, email id and your head office address.

Note: You can enter your mobile number instead of a landline number.

Payment plan Premium value

When your customer asks for a finance plan option and you have a default interest rate 18% p.a., then you can update this field as 1.18. This is the multiplier used to calculate full price (RRP) using cash price.

Note: By Default the value is set as 1.15 (15%).

Company Brochure

TYou may upload a company brochure in pdf file format to the Solar eCRM system and this brochure will be sent with all the quote emails.

Note: There is no default Company brochure attached.

STC Value (Australia Only)

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in Australia are an umbrella term, which includes Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). The purpose of RECs and STCs is to increase the deployment of renewable energy sources in Australia by subsidizing their deployment.

Solar eCRM calculates the contribution eligible STCs make to reduce the total cost of a residential solar system.

The value of STCs fluctuates. Therefore it is imperative to manually update the price of STCs on your Solar eCRM system as frequently as the price changes

Note: By default STC value is set as 23.00

Date Format

You can set the date format from “dd-mm-yyyy” (default value) to “mm-dd-yyyy”. You need to re-login to make the changes effective.

Appointment Notification Email

Notification email for lead appointments will be sent to selected user types daily. Email contents for respective user type are as follows -

Sales Rep
  • Send list of appointments to sales rep with customer details and appointment time.
Sales Agency
  • Send list of appointments to sales agency with customer details and appointment time sorted and separated by sales rep details under the agency
Company Admin
  • Send list of appointments to company admin with customer details and appointment time sorted and separated by sales rep details under the company

Bank Details

Bank details are displayed in each quote which is sent to your customers. The details include Account Name, Branch Code, Account number and Payment Reference (Transaction reference details).

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