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Advanced graphical and financial analysis

It is a function to generate advanced graphical and financial analysis.

  1. Click Advanced graphical and financial analysis button, Projections and Financial Analysis page will come up with list of details to fill in.

Information given are as followed -

Field name Description
Sun Shine Hours of sun shine period
Inflation Percentage of inflation
System KW System size in KW
Weighted Tariff (cents) Weighted tariff per cent
Consumption (per monthKWH) Energy consumption in KWH per month
Consumption rise /yr(%) Rise of consumption per year
Efficiency (%) Efficiency in percentage
Export Price (Cents) Price exporting per cents to electrical company
Type Financial,rental or none
Monthly rent/$1000 Financial,rental or none
Amount Total amount of product
Period Period of loan taken

After filling the information click Submit to get the graphical projections and financial analysis. You can attach the analyze data with quote email by checking Include Analysis Graph in Quote Email? checkbox.

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